Classic Land Rovers have become something of a passion with civil engineer Iain Wright, of Nayland, Essex.

So much so that he currently has around 11 of them on site including one ambulance, three soft tops and a few fire trucks.

However, while Iain enjoys tinkering with their engines, he leaves refurbishing the bodywork to his local body repair specialist, whose regular customer he has been for some years.

“I use them because they do a good job,” he says.

The latest vehicle from his collection to be entrusted to the tender care of Motts Body Repair is this fire truck from Cardiff, acquired from an Ipswich collector some years back.

These trucks carried a 50 gallon water tank and would have been used in inaccessible urban places as well as out in the countryside.

This one has suffered from an inadequate paint job and being outside in all weathers, but will soon be restored to its former, glossy, fire engine red glory.

While Motts’ main business is repairs to the bodywork of fleet-owned and private vehicles damaged in accidents owner Lawrence Motts says he always enjoys working on classic vehicles.

“We get to work on all sorts of different vehicles and it always throws up some interesting challenges,” he said.