How We Work

You are always in control

Imagine you’re renovating a home.  You have a budget of £10,000 for the whole thing. You start on one room and find that once you have stripped off the existing wallpaper there’s a problem with the plaster or the woodwork. That’s going to make the renovation more expensive. This might mean that the whole renovation may be extended over a longer time in order to be affordable.

If you have a limited budget you wouldn’t embark on all the rooms at once, would you?

The same applies to restoring a classic car, yet so many specialists embark on the whole car no matter what limit on the budget the customer has set, and they then find that the cost has gone up, and worse still they now have a car in bits and completely unusable.

You won’t really know how much work there is to do to restore a classic car until it has been investigated in some detail so we take the process stage by stage, keeping you informed of every detail.

Stage 1

When you bring in your classic we give an estimate of the cost for investigating what’s likely to be involved before you go any further.

Stage 2

Then all four areas of the car can be stripped down to its shell and all the parts are listed. This tells us firstly what work will be needed to remove rust, restore the metal work and also what parts will need to be replaced. From this we can give you an overall price for parts and labour.

Or we can strip just one section of the car and give you a list of prices for parts and labour for restoring just that section. It will also give you and us an idea of what we may find as we progress to other sections.

This process means that you can break it down so to that the work can be carried out in stages to suit your budget.

We’ll post pictures and updates on our facebook page as every detail is worked on so you will have a regular report on how your car is progressing.

To discuss restoring your classic car please contact us