Over the years, we have welcomed this lovely Citroen Dolly into the workshop whenever she’s needed some tlc.

On a previous occasion, the Dolly was brought into our workshop after her owner’s cat got into the garage one night climbed onto the soft top and fell through it into the car. That was when owner Wendy Bryant realised the roof needed replacing!

The car was bought for her by her mother after she passed her driving test in her 40s the 1990s. After the test the examiner showed her his marking sheet to prove to her that she had not made a single mistake

“It was my first car,” she said. “I’ve always liked that little car and it’s the only one I’ve ever had. I’ve had it nearly 30 years.”

We have recently restored the bodywork to its former glory after Mrs Bryant decided it was time for it to be done up again.

She had never met the car’s previous owner until one day she was in a supermarket in Sudbury and heard someone behind her say “Oh look, Brian”.  When she turned round the woman who had spoken said she was delighted to see the car again.

She told Mrs Bryant that she had christened the car Brian and had travelled all over the place, including to France, in it. She said she had always loved the car but her husband had persuaded her to sell it because they needed a larger car once they had children.

The car’s former name was a surprise, said Mrs Bryant, as she had always seen the car as a female, and she called it Dolly.

She said she was delighted with the results of the Dolly’s recent restoration and we were delighted with the flowers and chocolates we received from her as a thank you.

She is now considering whether to join in one of the annual Classic car runs, something she has never done before.